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F/f: Filled tooth/teeth in permanent and deciduous dentition.
Breast feeding, bottle feeding, and non-nutritive sucking; effects on occlusion in deciduous dentition.
However quite earlier Schmidt-Kittler (1976) and Chen and Schmidt- Kittler (1983) suggested the distinction of percrocutids from hyaenids, based on the deciduous dentition.
Supernumerary root in deciduous dentition is very rare and occurs most commonly in mandibular molars and in canines.
From a public health perspective, the assessment of malocclusion in the deciduous dentition should focus on magnitude and severity as a guide to establishing strategies aimed at preventing occlusal problems later in life.
Deciduous dentition consists of 28 teeth: DI, 3/3; DC, 1/1; DP, 3/3, and the permanent set comprises 34 teeth: I, 3/3; C, 1/1; P,3/3; M, 1/2.
7 Studies are lacking to measure the mesio-distal width of the deciduous dentition in Pakistan, which relate the size of deciduous teeth to those of permanent teeth.
6 %, whereas in deciduous dentition it is lower; 0.
6% of the students had carious teeth) while in the deciduous dentition, dmft was 0.
Spacing has been usually considered as an essential feature of the ideal deciduous dentition.
Of the total sample, 21 children had deciduous dentition and 59 had mixed dentition, with an average of 14 deciduous and 8 permanent teeth present in the oral cavity.