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G3 is the only forest species group with marked deciduousness and dispersion by wind.
Thus, water conservation in low-rainfall regions requires one of the following: a reduced LAI, the development of specialized leaves with thick cuticles and increased cytoplasmic tolerance of desiccation, or deciduousness during dry spells.
What is the degree of variation in deciduousness within the woody species?
than expected, probably because peak transpiration is lower during the warmest months, this in turn related to drought deciduousness.
Although savannas are often differentiated from forests based on fire regimes, tree cover, tree deciduousness, and the existence of a grassy understorey, it may difficult to distinguish degraded forest from mesic savanna based on these metrics alone.
The characteristics of the plant species used in social wasp nesting, such as habit (arboreal, arbustive, herbaceous, epiphyte, liana or parasitic), deciduousness (evergreen, semi-deciduous and deciduous), stem texture and consistency of the abaxial surface of the leaf were used to evaluate a possible relationship with the choice of nesting sites and nest architecture.
Prosopis exhibited a very regular pattern of deciduousness, with a leafless period of about 5 mo during winter.
Partial leaf loss by Cedrela and Cordia did increase light availability to the understory during the 2-mo drier season [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED], and it is likely that deciduousness was accompanied by reduced root activity.
This lack of a buffer zone along the managed edges, summed to deciduousness of the forest itself, creates what are essentially "edge conditions" throughout the entire fragment.