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I will continue to do all I can to stop dangerous efforts by Washington Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood and decimate Medicaid.
Direct military action would decimate the Korean Peninsula - millions would perish as nuclear fallout would not be restricted to Korean borders.
Also, the Center says that all it would take to decimate the technological infrastructure of the U.
If you choose to be an evil tyrant and amuse yourself by wreaking havoc on the people with lightning storms and decimate them with marauding creatures, you will rule by tear.
told us, "VerticalNet is a great idea, with the potential to decimate the newsletter business as we know it.
The data flow for downconversion with decimate x 2 filtering of the HSP43216 digital filter is shown in Figure 2.
The word decimate was in trouble even before the Gulf War, which seems now to have destroyed more of the English language than of Iraq's war machinery.
Should the council and Mr Mallon rebuild these areas before looking to decimate greenbelt land?
Fortunately the millions of wasted public money in Rhyl have not been wasted to decimate Prestatyn, Rhuddlan and St Asaph.
Had 2001 YB5 smashed into Earth, scientists say it would have easily wiped out an area larger than France; and an ocean landing would have kicked up tsunamis (huge sea waves) large enough to decimate most coastal cities.