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Sinn Fein jobs spokesman Peadar Toibin added: "The creation of workers' co-operatives would have undoubtedly saved businesses that were decimated by recession.
Graham went on: "They were " happy to line the pockets of people who have decimated Rangers but it would appear ally McCoist, who as a player and employee has contributed more than they could ever dream of, is not worthy of even the courtesy of confidentiality in severance discussions.
Since that time, members of the military, members of the intelligence community and others have worked to mitigate that threat, and, in fact, decimated the core al-Qaeda leadership that previously was operating with impunity in that area," he said.
We had decimated core Al-Qaeda that had been operating primarily between Afghanistan and Pakistan, but you now have these regional groups, some of which are explicitly tied to Al Qaeda or that ideology.
Raipur: The Delhi Daredevils decimated Kolkata Knight Riders with clinical precision to clinch their third win of the this IPL season and also threatening to climb up the ladder.
22 ( ANI ): US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said that Al Qaeda's leadership has been decimated, if not the organization itself.
Summary: Lebanon's national Under-17 basketball team decimated Egypt's U-16 Sporting 73-27, reported the National News Agency Monday.
VERDICT INJURIES have decimated the Bengals and with both their starting safeties forced off the field in the first half, the Bengals allowed a 28-7 secondquarter lead to turn into a 49-31 home defeat by lowly Buffalo on Sunday.
In the past 20 years, 70 percent of Sumatran rhinos have been decimated by poaching, mostly for their valuable horns.
Yet as environmental pressures, diseases, and non-native predators decimated the alala population, the most valiant efforts of captive breeding and release programs were insufficient to halt its slow extinction.
Forests are now being decimated at the rate of about a football field per day.
51) details logging and poaching practices that have decimated the orangutan population on Borneo.