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Notese, en cualquier caso, que los verbos pellicere y decipere aparecen directamente asociados en otras obras lexicograficas; v.
15, [paragraph] 10, at 62 ("Saepius vero dicuntur leges permittere aliqua mala, sicut leges civiles permittunt meretrices, et maritum occidere uxorem inventam in actuali adulterio, et contrahentes se decipere infra dimidiam, etc.
133) Columella bears excellent testimony to this semantic strain: the pantom ime's action of deceiving (decipere) the eyes of the spectators connotes aesthetic beguilement just as strongly as it encodes the deprecatory resonance of decipere as "cheating" and "swindling" (Columella, Rust.
This followed medieval tradition, which altered the mysterious terms circumvenire and circumscribere to decipere, "deceive.