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The study, conducted at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, evaluated the Decipher scores and disease progression of 224 men treated who did not receive radiation therapy up to six months following prostate removal surgery.
Elsevier's European Journal of Medical Genetics will facilitate advancing the database, and also the knowledgebase of genomic variants, by requiring that authors publishing their work in the journal directly include their exome data in DECIPHER.
Authors who would like to publish their work as an Exome Report in EJMG are required to submit an DECIPHER Excel sheet and article simultaneously.
Richard Hickman, lead examiner for Decipher Forensics' Snapchat research, said figured out how to recover photos from the Android version of Snapchat in a matter of days.
Ali Demir, the chairman of the Student Selection and Replacement Center (OSYM), denied decipher claims in the university entrance exam, and decided to go on a tour around Turkey to convince families.
This isn't something where you can suddenly go and decipher Linear A (a language spoken on Crete in about 1800 BCE)," she said.
Decipher is an inter-disciplinary centre led by Cardiff University in collaboration with Bristol and Swansea universities.
Since Decipher Dog's stepmom allegedly works for the NSA, you can be certain his phone calls are being monitored the same way my mom listened in on my teenage conversations.
Very young would-be pet owners are often unable to decipher the more in-depth approach of titles for older readers: enter QEB's 'You and Your Pet' series, focusing on the likely first pet to be owned by the very young child.
This seminar had as it focus a genome-wide analyses and the use of large-scale, high throughput genomic tools in combination with classic genetic tools and resources to decipher the molecular basis of plant-microbe interactions.
In such cases, the surgeon is left to decipher how best to use these instruments from information provided by instruction manuals or company representatives.
The appeals court affirmed, holding that the policy was reasonably related to the state's interest in preventing prisoners from using a language officials could not decipher to plan an escape or to smuggle contraband into the prison.