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Researchers have also observed significant improvement in outcomes for patients with high risk Decipher results who received radiation therapy early rather than late after surgery.
22 November 2013 - US genomic tests provider GenomeDx Biosciences said on Wednesday it had secured insurance coverage for its Decipher prostate cancer classifier which measures the biological risk of metastatic prostate cancer.
1 October 2013 - US cancer genomic tests developer GenomeDx Biosciences Inc said on Monday it had finalised a Series B round of funding to boost the commercialisaton of its Decipher prostate cancer test.
25 June 2013 - US genomic tests developer GenomeDx Biosciences said today that the Journal of Urology will publish study data showing that its Decipher test surpassed existing risk assessment tools in predicting metastatic prostate cancer in patients following prostate surgery.
While doing so, he calls for a project to decipher all the genes of the chimp, an effort that would rival the human genome project in time and cost.
GenomeDx's Decipher Genomics Resource Information Database contains genomic profiles of thousands of tumors from patients with urological cancers, and is believed by GenomeDx to be the largest shared genomic expression database in urologic cancer as well as one of the world's largest global RNA expression databases using cloud-based analytics.
It's likely that the research to decipher more of the dolphin's language will take a long while.