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These images and isolated forms conversed in a barely decipherable yet evocative language of gestures, connections, and clues.
These surprisingly decipherable proportions were a foil to the closed copy of a French edition of De Divina Proportione in Zarka's Prefiguration de la collection des rhombis (Prefiguration of the Rhombi Collection), 2008, which presents the famous Renaissance treatise on geometry and artistic proportions as a display base for two utilitarian screw-threaded metal rhombicuboctahedrons.
The origin of any given part of the installation was decipherable, if at all, only through extremely close observation.
Bartlett's series of enameled panels literally dotted with images and often barely decipherable texts about companionship and death feels finally inert, while only the opposite can be said of Meese's wild performance piece TOTAL REVOLUTION = DR.
Not only is this approach constant, but Rauschenberg pokes fun at those of us naive--or confident--enough to think we'll defeat the system by "reading" his works up close: About a third of the way down the central panel of Wager, 1957-59, a barely decipherable inscription in a childish hand reads IMPOSSIBILITY/CONTROL, and below that, TO RECALL/THE/IMAGE/PRECISE.
Gilliam's content (like, say, Cy Twombly's) can be elliptical--a complex and only partially decipherable stream of consciousness--and his application of paint ranges from delicate to brutish.
His two-decade-long commitment to images and objects that avoid almost any decipherable intention, whatever the cost, has yielded a series of exquisitely refined exhibitions and earned widespread respect from other photographers.
They desire to understand not only the physical but the emotional weather of the town, as if both were decipherable through invisible airwaves.
Some are quite regular and geometric: In Three Combs (boustrophedonic), 2001, black, blue, and ocher lines work their way in straight interlocking lengths over a white field, forming a meshlike maze whose logic is nevertheless fully decipherable.
Decipherable in the densely stacked lines of While You Were Out, 1999, for example, is the eponymous block text of a phone-message pad combined with the artist's handwriting to read, "WHILE YOU WERE OUT, I made this picture and you were out for a very long time.
They are wonderful puzzles, visually luxurious yet decipherable as text.
Washed out, dim, chromatically challenged, and scattered and stuck with sand, these pictures make the context and size of the brick structures marginally decipherable.