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The songs of Michel Sardou feature heavily, Sardou being something of a legend in France but almost unknown internationally, while Eric Elmosnino plays an embittered music teacher who's stuck in a small town and hating it: the locals are such hicks, he sneers, they even think Gerard Lenorman is a Norman -- and I guess the joke is decipherable even if, like me, you don't know who M.
The photograph is reprised in an appendix, where it is printed alongside a barely decipherable image covered in opaque wavy lines.
Despite the message not being immediately decipherable, passersby were quickly able to understand the message using their smartphones.
The slow-burning narrative is engaging - though occasionally unrealistic - as it invites speculation before the big reveal and while some twists are decipherable in advance, this brings congratulations rather than disappointment.
An attitude of acute concern and giving top priority to counter measures that the venerable leaderships of the nations so afflicted by raging terrorism show is nowhere decipherable in our political clan, both in and outside the power dispensation.
Knowles also noted that the inherently small screens are designed to make information decipherable at a glance.
Being on the same team as Koston, Carroll and Mariano has gotta be kinda tough, but I've always gravitated towards Howard's smooth and decipherable approach to the board.
Is a decipherable N-Z Mary's Lamb possible using only real words?
Electronic voting will also eliminate the need for a standing count when a voice vote or hand vote is not clearly decipherable.
Taking advantage of the top down drilldown approach associated with Windows 8, users will at first see a high level, easily decipherable, graphical view of the overall position and may then follow a particular thread to more detail should they have a particular interest or the graphics denote more attention is required.
Psychologists from Queen's University in Ontario have come up with evidence that proves the voice of a spouse is so distinctive that it is decipherable over a stranger's dulcet tones and therefore easier to filter out.
It is not enough that an article may eventually be decipherable. Our readers are erudite, but they have to choose how to apportion their time, and they cannot be expert in the jargon of every specialty.