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The object of this contract is delivery of ortorektifitsirani satellite images with high resolution and the development and implementation of a software system with integrated classifier to classify the main crops in Bulgaria by deciphering satellite images supplied.
Words delivered in the opening ceremony highlighted the importance of the Syrian-French cooperation in archeology filed, citing the French role in deciphering Ugaritic Alphabet.
Love, Desire and Transcendence in French Literature: Deciphering Eros.
Frances de la Tour does a wonderful turn as Dorothy Lintott, the school's regular history teacher and Hector's sympathetic colleague, and Dominic Cooper (Dakin) and Samuel Barnett (Posner) are strong leads in an exuberant, funny, and fast-talking cast of young men deciphering the past and deciding their future.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 4, 2006 - (JCN) - The National Institute of Agrobiological Science (NIAS) has discovered the protein 'CEBip', Chitin Elicitor Binding Protein and succeeded in the long awaited deciphering of the Amino-acid Sequence of the Elicitor, known as Chitin oligosaccharides.
And every day, thousands of San Fernando Valley residents attend classes in the hopes of deciphering those foreign tongues.
Finding Robert Johnson: The Official Guide To The CrossGuitar Method And Secret Devil Tuning by Gene Roebuck (who spent several years deciphering the music of Robert Johnson) is a remarkable combination of biography and analytical study of this amazing musician's unique style of guitar tuning.
Deciphering the genetic code revealed the language used by DNA to propagate information.
Others let the experts do the deciphering and decoding for them so that they are not left behind.
Beyond that, scientists have had trouble deciphering whatever brain signals they do pick up.
An additional chapter is provided for deciphering abbreviations and acronyms.
CPAs who need help deciphering "lawyerspeak" can find concise definitions of legal terminology at this e-stop as well as the meaning of general business terms such as bankruptcy.