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The completion of Drosophila will validate the effectiveness of Celera's whole genome shotgun approach in deciphering complex genomes.
Venter says such bits of genes -- called expressed sequence tags--could serve as dots outlining the genome, providing researchers with starting points for locating and deciphering the code for all of the estimated 50,000 to 100,000 human genes.
Graphical tabs also allow users to manage key functions without deciphering blinking lights.
Deciphering mimicry relationships helps biologists understand some of the complicated and dynamic forces that affect the evolution of a species, Brower says.
During the downlink, the CCOP performs data ciphering, while deciphering occurs during the uplink.
Because this system and similar binaries, known as cataclysmic variables, occur in our own galaxy, scientists have a better chance of deciphering how similar but larger-scale gravitational processes may occur in distant quasars and Seyfert galaxies, he adds.
Based on the Super Descrambler Mechanism algorithm, the SAA7206H performs stream and block deciphering to produce an MPEG2 data stream, and also extracts conditional access data for authentication by the system microcontroller.
Scientists have now devised a genetic ruse of their own for deciphering those commands.
The trouble with sending a secret message is that the recipient must have a key for deciphering it.
Though researchers are still in the early stages of deciphering the monument, they have determined that it depicts Yax Pac standing over a cave or sacred well--both symbols of death -- and makes reference to the destruction of the house of Yax K'uk'Mo.
The first part of that understanding came in the 1960s with the deciphering of DNA's genetic code: how three-letter "words" in the DNA of cells determined which specific amino acids, the building blocks of protein, were linked together to form the proper protein.