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hesitates, a corpse pushed back by the arm from the secret, rather than taking sides" may also suggest Foucault's point that the modern poem, which in the singularity of its unnameable event is itself a dice-throw, contains the key or "secret" to its own decipherment within itself, within the maze or chaotic "sea" of its own language.
Fox, who trained as a linguist and clearly would have made a wonderful teacher if she hadn't become a journalist, does a masterful job of introducing the nonlinguistically trained reader to the categories and concepts essential to decipherment.
Before that also some work of cleaning and chemical preservation was attended by the Science Branch of ASI and estampages of inscriptions were taken by Epigraphy Branch, Mysore, for their decipherment.
The hieroglyphs are nonsensical, but the vase reflects the fascination that ancient Egypt's little-understood culture held for Europe prior to [Jean-Francois] Champollion's decipherment of hieroglyphic writing in 1822.
You, as the lead character, who is the only one to have passed through all its phases; one of your colleagues who will enjoy the actual decipherment of the work by looking at the score; a performer who will de-virtualise your piece; a listener who will read or not read your notes on the work and, open or closed beforehand, tired or, contrariwise, ready to listen, will expose himself /herself to it.
For obvious historical reasons, many of those somewhat veiled obsessions, have to do with a colonial substratum (10) whose decipherment leads to the understanding of present-day postcolonial issues still waiting for a definitive conclusion.
Another work, Ken Gelder's Reading the Vampire (1994), is seminal in its decipherment of the vampire in its cultural context from a range of theoretical perspectives (appropriately open-minded for such an elusive creature), but it appeared in 1994, necessarily excluding recent avatars of the humanised vampire in paranormal romance and Young Adult fiction.
First, I place its scenes and words within the larger, culturally determined systems of meaning surrounding them; both the gestures that these painted figures perform and the messages on the vase act much like formulae in epic song, as repositories of a significance that goes beyond their denotative meaning on this particular occasion and that encompasses both existing traditions informing acts of bird (and specifically swallow) identification and decipherment and the social practices typically associated with the individuals included in the scene.
One of the finest scientific accomplishments of the last century was the decipherment of ancient Mayan texts chronicling events during the height of the Maya civilization, when their cities spread across parts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador.
The Number and the Siren: A Decipherment of Ma11armes "Coup de des," by Quentin Meillassoux.
To make it a bit easier, and to assure a unique decipherment into simple English, you may assume that no letter enciphers into itself.
This year is the 190th anniversary of the first decipherment of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs by French scholar Jean-Francois Champollion.