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A lunar `calendar' in a rongorongo inscription was presumably used for prognostication, and is one of the very few generally accepted decipherments of this enigmatic script.
However some ancient scripts still defy decipherment.
There are also some new decipherments of old passages, even if sometimes received sense rather fades away with them (Old Babylonian Version [hereafter "OB"] II 6-7).
Showcasing some ninety-six objects of pottery, the exhibition presents, according to Reents-Budet, "a compilation of the ongoing decipherments of the hieroglyphic texts painted on the pottery, which amplify our understanding of these vessels.
In the last decade, new techniques in the decipherment of hieroglyphs have been leading to important discoveries and revelations about the mysterious Maya.
Many decipherments depend on some kind of bilingual text that sets the unknown script alongside the same words in a known language.
The latest scholarship in decipherment as well as the competition for success receives a vivid blend of scholarly analysis and history.
It is not, however, conducive to the kind of intellectual adventurousness and intuitive power that are often a necessary ingredient for the decipherment of an unknown script.
But he makes the standard error of ascribing the decipherment of Mesopotamian cuneiform to H.