decision beforehand

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He expressed regret that none of his allies were informed about the decision beforehand, not even Aoun, describing the coordination between Aoun and Hariri as "artificial.
If I can make that decision beforehand by practicing on a model using the same tools and clips I plan to use in the final operation, it really makes a difference during surgery.
Maybe the market should have taken the Fed at its word, that it would raise interest rates only after it had seen "further improvement in the labor market" and was "reasonably confident that inflation will move back to its 2% target," and not have been so uncertain about today's Fed decision beforehand.
In reply, a ruffled Mr Cameron said: "I very much regret that we were not able to speak about your decision beforehand.
In reply, Cameron wrote: "I very much In reply, Cameron wrote: "I very much regret that we were not able to speak regret that we were not able to speak about your decision beforehand.
The other person has every right to make his or her decision beforehand.
BBC and ITVPlayer aren''t quite so smart and rely on us to make a quality decision beforehand (or via settings) and then hope that will be enough - on poor connections it is unlikely to work well.
Under the proposed law, all associations that have been approved may join foreign NGOs, but the Interior Minister must be informed of this decision beforehand, and the Foreign Ministry must also give its opinion on the matter.
The source stressed that Tantawy condemned and refused cutting off the communications' service and the internet, adding that the military had no knowledge of the decision beforehand and was negatively affected by it.
There are arguments for each viewpoint, but it is better to make a decision beforehand than be caught unawares.
Gillespie also agreed with the defendants that the state public meetings law does not allow for overturning of decisions made in proper public sessions, even if a majority of the public body privately deliberated on the decision beforehand.
Back in May, the UK Government promised a 'respect agenda' in terms of their relationship with us, yetwe were not informed of this decision beforehand.
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