decision making

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Driver and Mock in a research entitled "Information Processing, the Theory of Decision Making Style, and Accounting Information Systems," investigated the effect of decision-making styles on available amount of information, and quick decision.
Decision making is fundamental part of every task in which managers are involved.
Cognitive psychology's classical decision making theories offer empirical support for individual decision making strategies.
Studying the influences of multiple individuals and groups on decision making against the backdrop of perceived hierarchy serves to elucidate previously unexplored territory.
I can see our personnel have incorporated the assessment process into their day-to-day decision making.
Many youth with disabilities leave secondary education with very little training in vocational and career decision making skills, or positive work attitudes that are important for successful transition from school to work or post secondary education.
I began to wonder if variance in medical necessity decision making could, at least in part, explain variance in clinical practice.
However, the nature of rational or linear decision making does not fit the nature of the contemporary work environment.
Few public decisions are as momentous as the decision to go to war, and for a "government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people," it is essential that all the people--those who will risk their lives in such enterprise and those who will participate in the democratic processes leading to it--possess the critical thinking, ethical decision making, and lifelong learning competencies to faithfully discharge their roles.
Address at the 2002 Family Group Decision Making Roundtable, Monterey, California.
How can simulation technologies be used both as training and tactical tools to accelerate and enhance decision making by law enforcement personnel?