decision making

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According to her, the silence has been broken and women are able to talk about abuses and the violence they suffer and stressed that it makes sense for women to occupy high positions in decision making, as a means of bridging gender balance to ensure effective democracy and the socio-economic growth of the country.
Career decision making: The limits of rationality and the abundance of non-conscious processes.
Despite these insights, we currently do not understand how brain areas involved in decision making exchange information, or how the process of evidence accumulation, evidence evaluation, and categorization is made possible.
Findings confirmed the effective-ineffective dimension of the Dual Dimensional Model of Decision Making.19
The same authors [88] proposed some similarity measures namely Dice and Jaccard similarity measures in rough neutrosophic environment and applied them for multi attribute decision making problem.
The goal of QSEN is to prepare nurses to exemplify knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to improve quality and safety of health care and link shared decision making to patient-centered care.
There are three major areas in the research framework: (1) environmental conditions; (2) decision making processes; and (3) financial performance.
He said there's always decision making, whether the product bought is low or high involvement, dispensable or a necessity.

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