decision-making body

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ANKARA, Apr 11, 2011 (TUR) -- The Turkish foreign minister will attend the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Tuesday and present an activity report of the council's decision-making body, the Committee of Ministers.
The Governing Council is a subsidiary body of the General Assembly (GA) of the United Nations and serves as the intergovernmental decision-making body of UN-Habitat.
What name was given to the decision-making body of the Soviet Communist Party?
The Security Council is the most important UN decision-making body, with its five permanent members - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States - each having a power of veto over its decisions.
Sunderland Council has set out its case for locating the pounds 3bn decision-making body in Wearside.
Congress Party has come down heavily on the BJP for reinstating Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi into the core decision-making body.
When contacted, PML-Q Secretary Information Senator Kamil Ali Agha said that the party's top decision-making body,CWC,had already extended the tenure of all office-bearers for one year.
North Korea: North Korea s new leader Kim Jong-Un on Saturday promoted 70 officers to the rank of general, state media said, following a shake-up of parliament, cabinet and a top decision-making body.
Mr Straw said the forum - not a decision-making body - would immediately be looking at the Commission for Racial Equality's proposals for reform of the 1976 Race Relations Act.
It is governed by 10 physicians, half primary care, half specialty, who are the decision-making body.
The Management Committee is the decision-making body of the firm and consists of 11 of the company's senior executives.
Irrespective of whether a factual dispute exists as to whether the employer has adopted an idea, so long as the decision-making body determines that the idea was not adopted and that compensation is not due, those decisions are final and binding upon the suggester.

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