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On the concluding day of three-day conclave of the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS), the highest decision-making body of the RSS, the resolution was passed.
This is the 59th annual meeting of Board of Governors, the IDB's top decision-making body.
Also, in line with the statements made by the Permanent Representative of Egypt, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Countries, and those of Sierra Leone, on behalf of the African States, as the coordinator of the C-10, the Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea has ratified the continental claim, making it clear that Africa must be fully and widely represented in all the decision-making bodies of the United Nations, particularly in the Security Council, which is the main decision-making body related to peace and international security, which implies obtaining, at least, two permanent seats with all the privileges and prerogatives inherent to it, and five non-permanent seats in the council.
On New Year's Eve, the Likud Central Committee, the party's top decision-making body, voted in favor of extending Israeli sovereignty over the occupied West Bank.
The Ministerial Conference is the topmost decision-making body of the WTO.
Samiul-Haq also confirmed that the highest decision-making body of JUI-S had approved the alliance with PTI and rejected the option to ask for similar reforms within the Muttahida Maslij-e-Amal (MMA).
DAWN NEWS ISLAMABAD THE RULING Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) on Saturday constituted a new decision-making body named the Central Executive Committee (CEC), besides re-constituting its 110-member Central Working Committee (CWC).
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's 28-year-old sister, Kim Yo Jong, was promoted to the hermit kingdom's top decision-making body by her brother, reports said Sunday citing the state media.
To be held until Friday, the assembly is the main decision-making body of the WAGGGS and convenes every three years.
The North Atlantic Council (NAC), the principal political decision-making body within NATO, in a statement condemned North Korea's nuclear test on 3 September in the strongest possible terms, saying they threaten regional and international stability.
The Heads of State Council is the highest decision-making body of SCO which meets annually.
The HoSC is the highest decision-making body of SCO which meets annually.

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