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CONFLICT. The opposition or difference between two judicial jurisdictions, when they both claim the right to decide a cause, or where they both declare their incompetency. The first is called a positive conflict, and the, latter a negative conflict.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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User manual: Decisional Conflict Scale (16 item statement format).
The intervention combined the use of a decisional conflict screening tool (SURE Tool) and a targeted decision support intervention.
An evidence-based approach to managing women's decisional conflict. J.
The Conflict Theory of Decision Making asserts that, when faced with unacceptably high levels of decisional conflict and stress, information processing can be impaired in one of two ways: hypervigilance, and defensive avoidance.
Pre-abortion decisional conflict may also account for the relatively poorer post-abortion adjustment among women undergoing second trimester abortions.
In exercising its mandamus authority, the Florida Supreme Court would not need to engage in a lengthy analysis of the case at issue; instead, it would only need to ferret out whether, the record contains--or if counsel raised in their briefs--a clear derogation from binding precedent, a decisional conflict, an issue of exceptional importance, or an issue of first impression.
Table 1: Characteristics of participants Characteristic of participant N = 10 Sex Male 3 Female 7 Age (years) 41-50 2 51-60 6 61-70 1 71-80 1 Relationship Wife 5 Husband 3 Daughter 2 Dialysis method Home peritoneal dialysis 6 In-centre hemodialysis 3 Home hemodialysis 1 Work status Retired 1 Employed full-time 3 Employed part-time 1 Unemployed 5 Highest education Community college 7 High school 3 Stage of implementing dialysis Not implemented 4 Implemented < 1 month 2 Implemented 2-6 months 4 Decisional conflict Some 4 None 6 Decisional regret Mild 2 None 8 Thematic summary
Results showed the group of patients that received the decision board had higher knowledge scores and less decisional conflict, and were more satisfied with their decisions.
"It helps women think through their decisions, make more informed decisions and decrease decisional conflict - that sort of feeling like they don't know what to do, what their options are or where to look for help," she said.
In spite of this preparation, people experience decisional conflict, or personal uncertainty about the best course of action.
In fact, a 1972 amendment to the constitution expanded the Supreme Court's jurisdiction by granting it discretionary jurisdiction to resolve decisional conflict within a single district.