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But Johnson added: "That only works if Scotland voted decisively to stay in.
Coordination must take place between security agencies and the armed forces in order to control acts of smuggling and deal strongly and decisively with any smuggling operations that take place at customs ports," Mehleb added.
If we don't deal with corruption decisively it will not only impact on good governance, but has the potential to distort our economy and to derail democracy," she added.
Moreover, ID was decisively debunked as a scientific theory--it invokes supernatural causes; it has not generated one hypothesis that is empirically testable; it is not supported by one single peer-reviewed publication; it neglects plausible naturalistic explanations of phenomena, like blood-clotting; and its "positive argument" is a weak argument by analogy.
26, "Our presence as Christians will prove incisive and enlightening only if we have the courage to continue decisively down the path of reconciliation and unity.
Ptolemy's Gate decisively completes the tale that began with The Amulet of Samarkand.
In a reversal, one wrestler decisively moves from being on the bottom (and seemingly in the grasp of the competitor) to taking control, switching to the top position.
The magazine's mission is to "deliver the essential information, insights and ideas that empower you to master challenges, invoke imagination and act decisively to create a better future for your organization and the world.
The sudden, shocking departure of Greenberg underscored in bold letters a new era in which boards of directors are being required to act quickly and decisively, even if there are no precedents.
The decisively theological and particularly Trinitarian character of this thought may rile some.
Instead the eye is caught up in the dense tangle of branches and disoriented by the way the foreground has been thrown out of focus by a series of seemingly arbitrary smears of paint while the branches just behind are crisply and decisively rendered, for all their want of coloristic differentiation.
Some 50 police who were at the scene did not intervene decisively against the FPI activists when they began to block the exits.