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The former home secretary said: "If Scotland voted decisively to stay and they were outvoted by the rest of Britain even I, who believes in the Union, if I lived in Scotland, I would think that is a good reason to have another referendum.
The prime minister added that the government would deal firmly and decisively with smuggling in free zone areas, adding that the cabinet has already agreed on the new legislation.
Lavrov called on the OSCE to decisively condemn the rise of nationalist and neo-fascist sentiment in the west of the country, (to condemn) calls to ban the Russian language, to turn the Russian-speaking population into 'non-citizens' and to restrict freedom of expression," the ministry said in a statement.
Speaking at the Winelands Conference, she said: "If corruption were not decisively dealt with, it had the potential to distort the economy and derail democracy.
US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, has called upon the EU to act decisively to control the crisis in the eurozone.
Addressing a joint news conference with his Afghan counterpart Besmullah Mohammadi in the capital, Kabul, Najjar said the "The Islamic Republic of Iran is decisively opposed to the deployment of foreign soldiers in the region and any form of permanent bases.
I announce that if the current situation continues the police, in line with preserving the society's and people's order and security, will decisively confront illegal activities," Ahmadi Moghaddam was quoted as saying, according to the Etemad-e Melli daily.
Tenants seeking an address in this dynamic market need to be nimble and act decisively.
The research was undertaken in the wake of three racially motivated murders in which the police were accused of failing to act decisively to bring the perpetrators to justice.
But while Knecht presents all of the arguments, he comes down decisively on the side of the conservationist Australians: "It is difficult to escape the conclusion that in going to this extreme, what is literally the end of the Earth, Perez and his industry are approaching the ultimate end of the road.
The special phase morphology and the resulting physical proper ties of the final product are said to be decisively determined by the selected screw configuration, as well as by the shear and yield stress to which the material is subjected.
Moreover, ID was decisively debunked as a scientific theory--it invokes supernatural causes; it has not generated one hypothesis that is empirically testable; it is not supported by one single peer-reviewed publication; it neglects plausible naturalistic explanations of phenomena, like blood-clotting; and its "positive argument" is a weak argument by analogy.