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Press conferences declaim 'task forces' and fancy 'air pollution monitors' to give and impression of proactivity alas it is all a sham.
We are courteous and careful, knowing that all too soon, decisions about their ultimate fates will be issued from on high that will declaim who shall live and who shall die, who shall flourish and who shall limp along, badly maimeduntil put out of their pathetic misery.
"The fact is," I used to sagely declaim, "the welfare system is there to provide a basic level of subsistence for people so there are virtually no circumstances in which giving money directly to beggars can be justified."
Biographical information about the subjects is somewhat lacking, although one mother pops up to proudly declaim her pride in her son.
The characters don't declaim the dialog in a stilted iambic pentameter as if the words themselves and not their meaning are of primary importance.
Indeed he is uncharacteristically acerbic in characterizing his well-heeled media antagonists on the far left who declaim against both the stultifying effects of traditional nationalism and the corrosive effects of globalization; they are, in his memorable phrase, "designer Stalinists." In fact, the invented or self-consciously chosen character of the Irish national culture is for Kiberd an invitation to the ongoing reformation and reinvention of Ireland today.
Richard Dormer's play allows the magnificent Masterson (under the direction of David Calvitto) to declaim soliloquies, talk about the play and also enact the life of a failed actor desperately hoping to say goodbye to alcohol and hello to stardom.
Prepared recordings in the plum my Aunt Sally tones of an elocution teacher turned wannabe hypnotist, now declaim on-board safety and destination details -- prior to every stop.
It's not so long since, during a trip to St Fagans, he managed to clamber onto the low-sloping roof of a museum house to declaim: "Look mam, I'm being Spiderman."
The Morning after Woe-- 'Tis frequently the Way-- Surpasses all that rose before-- For utter Jubilee-- As Nature did not care-- And piled her Blossoms on-- And further to parade a Joy Her Victim stared upon-- The Birds declaim their Tunes-- Pronouncing every word Like Hammers--Did they know they fell Like Litanies of Lead-- On here and there--a creature-- They'd modify the Glee To fit some Crucifixal Clef-- Some Key of Calvary--
This lack of characterization is furthered by Mamet's highly stylized direction, which requires actresses Rebecca Pidgeon (Claire) and Felicity Huffman (Anna) to declaim their dialogue rather than act it.
Leonard, is a former teacher (which allows him to declaim fragments of poetry from time to time) and he is a wimp.