declaim against

References in classic literature ?
Certain persons who talk much of poesy and know nothing about it, declaim against the habits of life in the provinces.
forefathers, and declaim against the wickedness of times
One aspect of conventions which people who declaim against them lose sight of is that conventions make both joy and suffering easier to bear in a becoming manner.
shall we declaim against the ignorant peasantry of Ireland, and mince the matter when these American taskmasters are in question?
I know some have a common-place against common-place-books, and yet perchance will privately make use of what publickly they declaim against.
If the IRS does not act to rein in the preachers, equally strong voices declaim against a government subsidy of political activity (through a tax exemption), against an unconstitutional establishment of religion (again, through the church's tax exemption) and against favoritism of churches over other charities.
It probably is in Italy" and goes on to declaim against loud music in pubs inhibiting conversation, stores playing Jingle Bells in October, personnel departments renamed Human Resources and TV game show presenters who clap themselves - "they look like seals".
He travels to Greece and Rhodes to learn rhetoric, learning to declaim against the ocean's roar.
Indeed he is uncharacteristically acerbic in characterizing his well-heeled media antagonists on the far left who declaim against both the stultifying effects of traditional nationalism and the corrosive effects of globalization; they are, in his memorable phrase, "designer Stalinists.
Feisty Democratic legislators--David Bonior, Maxine Waters, Barney Frank and others--are prepared to declaim against many of the rules and bills the new Speaker is rushing through the House.