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An outsider among the London-based student body, young Elia is hardly a candidate for the ludic schoolboy declaimer whose "class clown" antics suggest an insider status.
But the main characters in The Queen of Corinth, The Double Marriage, and The Laws of Candy, through their varying kinds and degrees of deviation from an ideal of virtue, are formed with motivations and drives both complex and internally coherent; and the Controversiae stimulate this character-formation because they induce their participating declaimers, and hence our playwrights, to address the motives and drives of specific imagined selves.
This interest in, and command of, constitutional detail and theorizing shows that the author was not just a declaimer at heart, but also something of a constitutional historian.
In other words, the real victor emerging out of Lucian's treatise was not the rehabilitated pantomime but the rehabilitating orator, the declaimer who, while validating the pantomime experience, in reality controlled its fate, for it was his own art that played a crucial role in negotiating the dancer's position with respect to "high" culture.
The manuals include advice for declaimers, as well as anthologies of popular and effective poems.
The poem presents a celebratory pageant running from the medieval period to the present in which figures from the historical past, such as 'peasants hoarsely talking under the wind' are not simply described but are 'called' by the poem's declaimers.
Albalah: this favorite genre is alkso associated with social occasions such as holidays or wedding celebrities depends on competition by poets and declaimers who gather to rehearse poems or poetic lines in Self-righteous, commendation lampoonery or irony.
Unfortunately my stomach wouldn't let me vote for a party with the likes of Blair, the Milibands, Straw, Mandelson and Harman in its ranks - all declaimers of the toffs in society but some of whom went to private schools but don't want the same for anyone-else.
Despite declaimers, Iran wants to be a nuclear-armed power.
The way the four questions follow upon each other in six lines, gradually getting longer and more involved, presages how the discourse of this particular poet seeks to close off the possibility of response, to silence the listener, in exactly the same way as the speaker complains of being silenced by Cordus and the other declaimers of epics and tragedies.
Declaimers were given the Pacts of an especially complex legal and ethical situation, along with the relevant law, and required to compose speeches both for and against the accused party.
He who enters a university walks on hallowed ground," James Bryant Conant declared at the Harvard tercentenary in 1936, and subsequent declaimers of higher-ed ideology have kept the faith.