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With no thought of incongruity, too, these writers brought God the Father onto the stage in bodily form, and then, attempting in all sincerity to show him reverence, gilded his face and put into his mouth long speeches of exceedingly tedious declamation.
In most cases, however, the spirit of medieval allegory proved fatal, the genuinely abstract characters are mostly shadowy and unreal, and the speeches of the Virtues are extreme examples of intolerable sanctimonious declamation.
To judge from the conduct of the opposite parties, we shall be led to conclude that they will mutually hope to evince the justness of their opinions, and to increase the number of their converts by the loudness of their declamations and the bitterness of their invectives.
The instability, injustice, and confusion introduced into the public councils, have, in truth, been the mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished; as they continue to be the favorite and fruitful topics from which the adversaries to liberty derive their most specious declamations.
I hope," said he, "your majesty has paid no attention to the vain declamations which the solitude and disgust familiar to kings suggest to the happiest dispositions?
It gives us pleasure to make known this fact, which proves how powerless the declamations of liberals have been on the mind of the Parisian bourgeoisie.
he did not depend upon emotional excitement to keep up his belief, no declamations, no anger, no visions of blood-red flags waving, or metaphorical lurid suns of vengeance rising above the horizon of a doomed society.
Similarly, the Urdu speech contest will be held on December 11 while English declamation will be held on December 14, 2015.
BAHAWALPUR -- Government College University (GCU) Lahore Saturday won 21st All Pakistan Intercollegiate Declamation contest hosted by Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur.
BANNU -- 1st Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bilingual Declamation Contest was held at Frontier Scouts Cadet College Warsak Peshawar on October 7, 2015.
Nevertheless, Jindra got together a team of top-class Czech opera singers, all of them striving for flawless declamation and showing a commitment to Dvorak's work, one fraught with plenty of stumbling blocks the performers have to overcome.
Cumming develops a system of categorizing textures (or techniques) that range from the rigorously imitative to the homorhythmic, then compares these categories with approaches to declamation (melismatic, syllabic, or syllabic lapsing into melismatic).