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A major disappointment from a major filmmaker, Diaz's latest supersized tapestry of historical fact, folklore and cine-poetry ventures Into the kind of declamatory, didactic rhetoric that his recent stunners "Norte, the End of History" and "From What Is Before" so elegantly avoided.
24-carat classics like Diamonds Are Forever and Big Spender also got an airing, before Bassey bowed out with a barnstorming, declamatory I Am What I Am - namely, a 70-year-old Welsh woman who can still show kids less than half her age just how to put on a gig.
Netizens were quick to slam Mr Christensen's tweet for being appalling and embarrassing for having to depict Asia in such declamatory manner.
I sense that he was putting on a performing voice, a declamatory poetry style, but he can't have been talking like that in real life.
Representations of such performances include: Eduard's readings of lore poetry to Ottilie early in the novel; Eduard and Ottilie's performances of chamber music on flute and piano; Charlotte's French-language conversations with her female friends; and the musical and declamatory concerts performed by Luciane, Charlotte's daughter.
NNA - Caretaker State Minister for Administrative Development, Mohammad Fneish, said during a political meeting in south Lebanon Sunday that the formula of people-army-resistance must be preserved for the sake of Lebanon's stability, and that rational speech should prevail over declamatory rhetoric.
Speakers broadcast recordings of Hayes's declamatory street performances, in which appeals to lovers mix with open-ended discourse around war and other more-than-personal debacles (1 March in the Parade of Liberty but as Long as I Love You I'm Not Free and Everything Else Has Failed
The flip side came with in-your-face, declamatory anthems to standing up for your beliefs, "Damn Right I Am" treading similar ground as "What Do Ya Think About That.
Many teachers of singing maintain that in modern vocal music, where sustained and declamatory phrases have replaced rapid runs and graceful turns, singers do not require to develop the mechanism of the voice, thus only fatiguing the vocal organs and robbing the pupil of valuable time.
They are unique, individualistic works which make no concessions to the demand for declamatory directness and simplicity that characterised the more politicised and improvisational work of the 1980s.
Soon the rest of the cast is indulging in a cacophony of declamatory rants, the verbal excrescences matched by the restless, incessantly wriggling vocabulary that has lately become Forsythe's trademark.