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That game's antagonist was Andrew Ryan, a declamatory Randian cult figure who built the city on an individualistic ideal.
The message of the press is accusatory in the governmental media, declamatory in the partisan media, and uninterested in the private press," said Dr.
Dramatic and declamatory in nature, this movement is thematically complex and satisfying.
I WRITE in response to the declamatory letter of Paul Botto (Viewpoints, April 19) concerning the emotive subject of abortion and the forthcoming election.
Only "Right" for the right hand alone with its brusque tempo and declamatory leaps seems too challenging for this volume.
But it's an absorbing evening, with Sue Wallace a declamatory senior police officer, Alex Meeson a likeable slow-witted Josef and Danny Hanlon and authoritative Ross.
First, for many, the primacy of voice and audience response motivates them to pursue declamatory recording and broadcasting venues, a mode of production (instrumentation) that marginalizes print.
The idea was to re-create a black-and-white, World War II Army training film -- clunky dialogue, declamatory acting, suspenseless suspense and all -- with a contemporary perspective.
He notes but declines to develop intriguing questions of its performativity--it is variously suited to production by Paul's Boys or professional actors, an aristocratic family, and declamatory reading as closet drama; it caters to Catholic nostalgia over the Corpus Christi cycles--in favor of the text's genealogical links to an impressive array of medieval and early modern discourses on Islam.
Seeking to recreate the performance style of classical Greek and Roman drama, they came up with what developed into that operatic staple, recitative: the declamatory speech-like singing style beloved of opera mickey-takers.
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The half-open mouth, the declamatory hands and above all the vigorous forward motion, inflict the statue onto the viewer.