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n. the person making a statement, usually written and signed by that person, under "penalty of perjury" pursuant to the laws of the state in which the statement, called a declaration, is made. The declaration is more commonly used than the affidavit which is similar to a declaration, but requires taking an oath to swear to the truth attested to (certified in writing) by a Notary Public. In theory, a declarant who knowingly does not tell the truth would be subject to the criminal charge of perjury. Such violations are seldom pursued. (See: declaration, affiant, affidavit)

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DECLARANT. One who makes a declaration. Vide Declarationis.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Hence, the question is not whether the hearsay is true or false, but whether the hearsay declarant could be called a "witness" or not and whether the defendant had been given the fight to confront the declarant.
Questions about the reliability of out-of-court statements are properly addressed by the hearsay rules, not by trial courts assessing the credibility of absent declarants under Rule 403.
that the defendant was unable to cross examine or similar pretrial statements that declarants would reasonably expect to be used
A chief goal of the hearsay rule is to enhance the fact finding process by excluding certain declarations whenever the declarants cannot be cross-examined under oath in the presence of the fact finders.
An objective approach to child declarants is more reliable
The facility allows declarants an extra year to pay their taxes with different default surcharge rates on a quarterly basis until June 30, 2020.
Under the order, all importers or person empowered to act as agent or Attorney-in-Fact desiring to lodge and process goods declaration at the bureau are allowed to be a declarant, however, they must file an application for accreditation and obtain a Certificate of Accreditation as declarant from the bureau.
The CCBI also noted that the CMO will only encourage the proliferation of 'Declarants and Consignees for hire.'
The last amnesty by the PML-N Government only really took off when the Chief Justice of Pakistan announced that the Supreme Court was not to review it leading to the confidence of the potential declarants. This uncertainty needs to be curbed for this scheme to succeed.
Declarants had paid around Rs97 billion out of which around Rs36 billion have been collected on foreign assets and Rs61 billion on domestic assets.
He noted that the command had been repositioned as the most business-friendly port, as all compliant declarants would be duly compensated and given special preference.

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