declaration of opposition

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Syed Khursheed Shah, in the letter, also enclosed a joint declaration of opposition parties' meeting.
Pant concludes that Saudis probably won't break with Pakistan, but "a declaration of opposition to state-sponsored terrorism would be considered a major step.
Akdoy-an was asked if President Erdoy-an's declaration of opposition to the establishment of a committee to monitor the Kurdish settlement process had taken him by surprise and whether there had been a miscommunication between himself and Erdoy-an.
Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization: new ways of smuggling by trained donkeys AL-AHRAM AL-YOUM: President Al-Bashir : we have burning hot summer that burns its enemies Zakat Bureau : organized gangs administer beggars in Khartoum State Ministry of Industry announces end of flour problem AKHIR LAHZA: Yasir Arman criticizes declaration of opposition Kodi accuses Peoples' Movement of destabilizing in South Kordofan State .
Kerxhalli said the officers and directors of the association decided at a special meeting Thursday night to issue a formal declaration of opposition to the CSX project as it is currently constituted.
Replying to questions he said that there is a difference between the unofficial declaration of opposition from the official connection of those chapters with Turkey's obligations towards Cyprus.
At about 3 pm yesterday, after the worst of the police violence against the tens of thousands of indigenous people, farmers, students and other members of civil society from across the Americas had taken place, a police platoon, including various officers, rebelled against their own government and joined with indigenous leaders and other protesters in demanding that the trade ministers from 34 countries meeting to negotiate the FTAA agree to receive a delegation from the protesters carrying a declaration of opposition to the FTAA.
Perhaps more worryingly for the Government, however, is a public declaration of opposition to military action from Labour backbenchers who were quiet during the war in Afghanistan.

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