declaration of policy

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10168 on the Declaration of Policy (Section 2) on the definition of the crime of financing of terrorism (Section 4) and on the authority to investigate financing of terrorism (Section 10) are as follows:
The lawmakers said the vision for the Philippine transport system was initially drawn from the declaration of policy in the creation of the LTFRB and LTO in 1987.
Brosas wanted the declaration of policy to reflect that it is 'the policy of the State to recognize the coco levy fund was exacted from poor and powerless coconut farmers during the Martial Law period.
Now the people don't get satisfied by a mere declaration of policy or plan.
The summit's numerous panels and discussions collated a Final Declaration of policy recommendations addressed to European policy-makers on just how to go about this.
The declaration of policy or intentions issued by political parties that we have come to recognize as their election manifestos have today transcended from adoption of promises of regional development to reflections of a 'freebie culture'.
The online version of the Oxford English Dictionary defines manifesto as "a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate".
Was it a declaration of policy or a fundamental statement?
1-1 Declaration Of Policy (a) Equal Opportunity And Affirmative Action Toward Its Achievement Is The Policy Of All Units Of Rhode Island State Government, Including All Public And Quasi-public Agencies, Commissions, Boards And Authorities, And In The Classified, Unclassified, And Non-classified Services Of State Employment.
Amend the Declaration of Policy to reflect the State policy to attract, promote and welcome productive investments from foreign nationals in activities which significantly contribute to national industrialization and socio-economic development;
In its declaration of policy, the bill spelled out the objective of ensuring that journalists "shall be provided with benefits packaged at par with the current benefits enjoyed by those in the labor force.

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