declaration of war

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DECLARATION OF WAR. An act of the national legislature, in which a state of war is declared to exist between the United States and some other nation.
     2. This power is vested in congress by the constitution, art. 1, s. 8. There is no form or ceremony necessary, except the passage of the act. A manifesto, stating the causes of the war, is usually published, but war exists as soon as the act takes effect. It was formerly usual to precede hostilities by a public declaration communicated to the enemy, and to send a herald to demand satisfaction. Potter, Antiquities of Greece, b. 3, c. 7; Dig. 49, 15, 24. But that is not the practice of modern times. In some countries, as England, the, power of declaring war is vested in the king, but he has no power to raise men or money to carry it on, which renders the right almost nugatory.
     4. The public proclamation of the government of a state, by which it declares itself to be at war with a foreign power, which is named, and which forbids all and every one to aid or assist the common enemy, is also called a declaration of war.

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Tukur Brutai was alleged to have dropped the hint in press briefing then we will see it as a declaration of war against Niger Delta people.
8 -- President Donald J Trump - your unilateral declaration that Jerusalem should be made the capital of Israel, amounts to a declaration of war against the entire Muslim population across the world.
But on Saturday, he went a step further and posted a tweet that North Korea considered a declaration of war.
THE White House has dismissed North Korea's claim that a tweet by Donald Trump amounted to a declaration of war.
that prohibits the President from doing so without a declaration of war from Congress.
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister called Qatar's demands for an internationalization of the Muslim hajj pilgrimage a declaration of war against the kingdom, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television said on Sunday, although it was unclear whether Qatar had actually made any such demand.
Traditionally, a declaration of war served a number of purposes, including putting all other sovereign nations on notice that a state of war exists, and that aid to an enemy power might be construed as a hostile action.
This is the worst hostility and an open declaration of war against (North Korea) as it has gone far beyond the confrontation over the human rights issue," the statement said.
They were vastly outnumbered by invading forces, had not yet finished training, and were not fully-equipped when the Japanese attacked without a declaration of war.
Connections are hoping the four-year-old will emulate Haradasun (2006) and declaration Of War a year ago, who won the Queen Anne having run in the same Newbury race.
In contrast to an authorization, a declaration of war in itself creates a state of war under international law and legitimates the killing of enemy combatants, the seizure of enemy property, and the apprehension of enemy aliens.
Mazari said this was a declaration of war against the people of Pakistan by the US and she demanded to know whether the Pakistan government and military were sleeping while Pakistan was being attacked or were they complicit in this latest drone attack?

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