declare legal

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The sources said physical survey has not yet been done in order to determine the actual structures, adding that after the survey, Housing Foundation will be in a position to declare legal structures.
He said that Saudi Arab and other friendly countries had requested to declare legal the steps taken by Pervaiz Musharaf, and the former COAS should have been allowed to attend the Saudi King's funeral.
Some hedge fund managers believe the FTC will not investigate Herbalife and the FTC will not comment on any investigations until they are ready to declare legal action.
Of course, most countries nowadays declare legal equality of the sexes, but informal constraints on participation by women in small enterprises are deserving of Aidis's consideration.
The entertainment industry's latest bonkers strategy is to declare legal warfare on individual music downloaders.
Councils will have to declare legal, balanced budgets on March 6 - well before even the earliest General Election date.
North Carolina Attorney General Mike Easley, for example, decided shortly after the wind subsided to declare legal war against "those trying to make a quick buck at the expense of others.