declare null and void

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But on the day the High Court decision was issued, Dr Matiang'i filed a notice of appeal while claiming that the High Court had no jurisdiction to declare null and void his declaration regarding the self-proclaimed general.
To declare null and void the court order in the Baz Mohammad Kakar case legislation was enacted.
MANILA -- There is no basis to declare null and void the results of the 2013 senatorial elections.
This letter is incompatible with articles 29, 31, 33, 40 of the Transitional Constitution" dealing with fundamental rights, akol told the official SUNA, adding that the SPLM-DC is demanding the constitutional court to declare null and void the contested decision because of its unconstitutionality.
Lahore -- Pakistan Awami Tehrik has moved the Supreme Court to declare null and void election of Nawaz Sharif as President of PML(N).