declare openly

See: avouch, avow
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I now declare openly, in the presence of these witnesses, that I will do so.
I declare openly and unambiguously that this visit made a clear response to the many rumors, illusions and conspiracies which were aimed at creating problems between Hamas and Iran.
Gezi supporters witnessed firsthand what it meant to declare openly that they were not in favor of the AKP.
Republicans who opposed the minimum wage hike should declare openly and proudly that it is they who hold the moral position, that a minimum wage is morally wrong, and that fairness and justice are established by respecting and protecting individual rights.
Adawiya afterthoughts of a young Muslim Brother A courageous young man from Rab al-Adawiya has to come forward and declare openly, "We don't need salutes to the martyrs or acclaim for a couple ascending to paradise.
Some of these fighters declare openly that they are willing to sell their guns to any customer.
1561-1633, is most welcome, for it gives me leave to declare openly what I have thought for a long time now: she is one of our very best scholars writing on Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
The term confessor comes from the Latin verb confiteri, "to declare openly," and was the title given to those who led exemplary Christian lives but did not get the chance to die for their faith (martyrs).
Once there, they intend to declare openly and explicitly that they are coming to visit the West Bank at the invitation of various Palestinian civil society organizations as well as of the Mayor of Bethlehem, Dr.
In closing, Khaddam said that "we wish to declare openly that the Syrian people is wondering why the international community has delayed in taking measures to protect it", asking that they appreciate that "despair" could drive peaceful protesters to extremism, turning Syria into a "haven for extremists coming from abroad", whereupon the country would become a "base for extremism in the whole region, and might extend outside of it".
For this, the government needs to declare openly that the tribals will get their rights.
It is in the hands of the ruling Labour party, and their Lib Dem followers, to declare openly that brownfield sites will be prioritised for new housing development and that green spaces will be spared for future generations.