declare opposition

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It's been half a century since 20- or 25,000 mostly young Americans, incensed, earnest, inexperienced, joyful, but weirdly hopeful, congregated in the Washington sunshine to declare opposition to the Vietnam War.
The invitation read, adding that "The purpose of these demonstrations is to declare opposition to US aid to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
The right-wing Blue Coalition is the only political formation so far to firmly declare opposition to Belene.
But nobody is willing to engage in an honest debate, other than to declare opposition to every proposed change.
The group has just met to declare opposition to France's National Agricultural Research Institute in Colmar (Alsace), which is seeking government approval to resume field tests of GM vine rootstocks.
These groups turned against him after his right-leaning, pro-business policies caused former supporters to declare opposition to his government (see NotiSur, 2004-01-30).
Elfyn Llwyd last night became the first MP in North Wales to declare opposition to the controversial proposals.
The Right Rev Mark Santer (left) is the first diocesan bishop to declare opposition to the continuing involvement of the state in the church's affairs.