declare solemnly

See: affirm, swear
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"In justice to that individual, the much ill-used peasant, Ziemianitch, I now declare solemnly that the conclusions of that letter calumniate a man of the people--a bright Russian soul.
'We are here to remember what happened,' Eco writes in reference to the fascist nightmare in Europe, 'and to declare solemnly that 'they' must never do it again.'
If the supplier is interested to take part in a service class or lubricants (than those set by the service) must submit a guarantee equal to 2% of the total budget without VAT category in EUR, which will declare solemnly statement (category for which bid) and are
Canovi emphasizes that there was indeed in this country "a precise moment in which [the Italian American] community was called upon to declare solemnly in favor of the United States": December 11,1941, the day that war was declared against the Axis powers, including Fascist Italy (p.
People will declare solemnly that our literature is not well-known.