declared intention

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He continued to pay his court--if the delicate and tender attention with which he ceaselessly surrounded this woman of five-and-thirty could be called courtship--in face of her declared intention never to marry.
The Commons Exiting the EU Committee said it appeared impossible to reconcile the Government's decision to pull out of the single market and the customs union with its declared intention to maintain a "frictionless" border.
A way out of this situation [in Russian-US relations] lies through the political will to mend relations," he said, adding that, also, there must be rehabilitation from political schizophrenia, a declared intention to normalize these relations and an end to the diktat and sanctions.
The Israeli occupation authorities have earlier declared intention to build more than 30,000 settlement outposts in occupied Jerusalem after Donald Trump's election as U.
The Lebanese people are pinning great expectations on starting the engines of governance, especially the declared intention of the president and the premier to cooperate fully because they acknowledge the needs and pitfalls that lie ahead.
Borisov had earlier declared intention to deposit his resignation if Tsacheva lost the first round.
NICOLA Sturgeon's declared intention, over the summer and autumn, to listen to the concerns of those opposed to independence must be a wise tactical move.
The letter citing various intelligence reports said that a selected group of people want to march on to Islamabad on Wednesday from KPK with a declared intention of paralyzing the city and holding the people and government institutions hostage in the capital city.
WELCOMES the declared intention of the Government and the Opposition to cooperate in determining both the impact on Gibraltar of a potential withdrawal from the European Union and Gibraltar's future relationship with the European Union;
The appointment was seen by some analysts as President dos Santos laying the ground for dynastic, family succession if he follows through on a declared intention to step down in 2018, a year after presidential elections.
It added that, following the declared intention on the part of the EDEK leader to disclose further details from the National Council, the President was inviting all party leaders to "rise to the occasion and behave with real political responsibility" because such actions strengthened the position of the Turkish side.
Binay, who has declared intention to seek the presidency next year, belied claims that his statements in favor of the INC were made to maintain the support of the sect known to vote as a bloc during elections.