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Marche financier: Le Maroc declasse en MSCI Frontier Market.
Australians can occasionally respond to another's assertion with the idiomatic, somewhat declasse exclamation, "Bloody oath, mate
He would spend the rest of the 1840s and most of the 1850s in Ireland, and the experience liberated him: he 'found' himself, as it were, in a society which was less rigidly structured in terms of class than England (he had been made to feel declasse among his English peers after his father had come down in the world); fox-hunting in Ireland exhilarated him; and he discovered his enormous capacity for work.
I found that there was an ever-present comic miasma hanging about the whole idea of the folk arts--an insidious, creeping, straw-hatted, "Oy, veh," "Wall, I swan" declasse stereotype.
The last thing you want to be softly singing into his or her ear is some declasse objectification.
Many consumers think of it as a no-account, declasse variety that mainly makes sweet and innocuous rose wines.
All this wrestling with terminology brings to mind the French word declasse, with its implicit connotations of class distinctions.
Through the 1940s, the public-Library systems did not purchase popular fiction--"it was considered declasse by libraries, and crime fiction beyond the pale.
We meet Blanche as a fading, fluttery but still glamorous Southern belle, all dressed up in white and searching for her kid sister Stella's declasse apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
But in mid-twentieth century America, comic books were declasse.
Most bartenders hate everything about blender drinks, and most drinks served with an umbrella garnish are considered way too declasse even to mention in today's cutting edge cocktail joints.
Here is what they offer as proof: "Twenty years ago, being pro-life was declasse.