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Marche financier: Le Maroc declasse en MSCI Frontier Market.
Less than two weeks after Bruni panned Four Loko and its declasse drinkers, he wrote admiringly of the "ambition and thought" reflected in hoity-toity coffee cocktails offered by the Randolph at Broome, a boutique bar in downtown Manhattan.
He would spend the rest of the 1840s and most of the 1850s in Ireland, and the experience liberated him: he 'found' himself, as it were, in a society which was less rigidly structured in terms of class than England (he had been made to feel declasse among his English peers after his father had come down in the world); fox-hunting in Ireland exhilarated him; and he discovered his enormous capacity for work.
191) The networks and, by extension, their affiliates also subsequently agreed to play only live music (which was preferred anyway over playing low culture and declasse recorded music).
I found that there was an ever-present comic miasma hanging about the whole idea of the folk arts--an insidious, creeping, straw-hatted, "Oy, veh," "Wall, I swan" declasse stereotype.
The last thing you want to be softly singing into his or her ear is some declasse objectification.
Many consumers think of it as a no-account, declasse variety that mainly makes sweet and innocuous rose wines.
By no means do I agree with everything in his history, of course; to say, for example, that the Neue Schar were the "original" hippies is too facile, overlooking quite an extensive prior history of declasse youth movements, such as the German Wandervogel before World War I.
In Songs of the Season Osundare sings the paean to the indomitable, redoubtable, and the self-fulfilling spirit of the "common man": bereft of the necessary, basic resources for self-improvement, the poor peasants, the declasse or the Lumpenproletariat still manage to eke out a living from an exhausted earth, perennially plundered by the inordinately avaricious capitalist ruling/ruining class.
All this wrestling with terminology brings to mind the French word declasse, with its implicit connotations of class distinctions.
Pelas regras de convivencia na alta sociedade, tanto a aristocracia quanto a alta burguesia francesa consideravam a loja de departamentos declasse e diziam se apoiar na orientacao dos estilistas das maisons de couture e butiques de moveis para a aquisicao de roupas ou moveis para suas casas.
Not only that, I was brought up to consider protestants declasse, and I was absolutely furious with Luther--who seemed like the devil incarnate to me--when we got around to him in history class.