decline to pay

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Patients may decline to pay for a service they do not see, believing that they already have their care coordinated.
Under current law in Oregon, public employees can't be required to join a union, and they can decline to pay that portion of union dues that supports a union's political activities.
Before setting off, farmers secured legal advice that their action would not be illegitimate - they planned to load trollies with imported lamb, run the products through the tills, then decline to pay for them.
We did not decline to pay the farmers, but we have some glitch with the legislative process that is beyond my authority.
Besides the incidents of target killings, extortion and brutal murders of those who decline to pay have registered an unprecedented rise.
The text of the resolution, moved by MQM MPA Moin Aamir Pirzada, stated: "Of late the incidents of target killing, extortion (bhatta) and brutal murders of those who decline to pay extortion money have registered an unprecedented increase.
Customers can decline to pay but otherwise the sum will be added automatically.
He said anyone considering having work carried out should ensure the firm is covered by adequate indemnity insurance, get more than one written quote and decline to pay anything in advance.
But the insurers may decline to pay out if you don't claim within the period specified in your policy.
SB 645 would affect nearly 70,000 employees of the California State University and University of California who are now covered by union contracts, but who decline to pay union dues.
Simply because Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance policies decline to pay for various services or, once a certain threshold is crossed, any services, does not weaken the ethical argument.
In those cases where the company determines that we are liable, they pay the claim; and if they determine that a claim is not valid, they decline to pay.