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It's hardly surprising that contraceptive access is declining in Kenya, and there's more at work than simply a shift in funder priorities.
The university, however, was losing market share as the percentage of NJ high school graduates it was able to attract was declining over time.
This time span comprised five periods: a preorganochlorine period (1852-1929); a period of industrial growth and initial use of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs; 1930-1945); a period of rapidly increasing DDT use and further industrialization (1946-1959); a period of declining use and the eventual ban of DDT as well as the beginning of industrial pollution controls (1960-1979); and a period of substantial reduction of organochlorines in the environment (1980-2001).
Among Canadian men, since 1989, the overall cancer death rate is declining slowly as a result of decreases in death rates for lung, colorectal and other cancers.
There are two of the skills that start declining beginning in the mid-60s," says Schaie.
Imagine you were told two years ago that the US stock market would soon begin declining in value such that by late 2002 (a) more than six trillion dollars in wealth would have vanished; but (b) the unemployment rate would be not that far from where it was at the beginning of the process.
According to this theory, the declining relative pay of teachers reflects a concurrent decline in relative teacher quality.
Northern Ontario municipalities want a new deal from the province to arrest the region's declining population.
Its major objective was to learn ways in which a Multidisciplinary Care Plan Team (MDCPT) could more effectively identify' residents in the early stages of declining health status.
38 cents/kg in February, declining thereafter to reach a minimum of M/S 106.
Mining Machinery & Equipment--After declining 5% in '99, the mining industry is expected to rebound at a rate of 5% per year in '00-'01.
For anyone who still doubts that amphibian populations are declining worldwide, Jeff E.