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The filtrate was quantitatively transferred to a 100 mL volumetric flask and brought to the mark with bidistilled water (in the case of infusion and decoct) and with 70% ethanol (in the case of macerate), to obtain the diluted extracts.
Table 1: Phytochemical screening of the fresh, decocted, and various extracts of Crescentia cujete Linn.
Briefly, 1,000 g of raw material was mixed with 5.0 L of distilled water for 60 min and decocted for approximately 25 min, and the supernatant was collected after filtration.
Citrullus colocynthis was bought from a local market in Iran, with the fruit ground and decocted in water before being boiled in an oily vehicle (sesame oil) to create the topical formulation.
In vain [the physician] decocted the jade cauldron's fragrance; her fleeing shade did not stop, and in the end pursued the waters of the copper pot [water-clock; i.e., her time was up?].
[sup][22] In brief, six medicinal materials were mixed in proportion and were macerated for 1 h with 8 times (v/w) distilled water, and then decocted for 1 h, after which the filtrate was collected and the residue was decocted again for 1 h with 6 times (v/w) distilled water.
Liquorice significantly reduces the toxicity of aconite when the two herbs are decocted together.
Marijuana, already potent by past generations' standards, can be refined or decocted into oils and tinctures.
(34) Milk (commonly termed a "white meat," that is, dairy produce) was also considered to be cooling: Henry Butts, noting that milk is cold and moist, warns "Vse no violence after it, nor drink wine, afore you feele it thoroughly decocted [meaning digested]." (35) When we realize that human breast milk was recom mended for consumption by adults as well as children in Shakespeare's time, references to milk and milkiness in the plays begin to make more sense.