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Kraft's inequality is valid also in the more general framework of uniquely decodable systems of bit strings, but the proof is more difficult (although still short) [2,3,5].
Some of these citations are decodable with the aid of a short set of supplementary abbreviations that appears in the front matter of the volume without explicit mention of its relevance to Meyendorff's text (xiii-xvi), but one wonders how many readers will realize that this is so, and even those who do will not find the full forms of all the relevant citations there.
Most artificial genetic encodings constrain the genomes to maintain a fixed structure and admit a small number of genetic operators in order to remain decodable.
Wyatt, sitting at a half-round table, is surrounded by four children who are reading from decodable texts.
Results indicated that students who received direct instruction of letter-sounds in decodable text increased their word reading skills significantly faster than children taught with the other two intervention types.
Also included are "fun facts about colors," suggested readings, a Web site reference, a glossary of key terms in the book and a word list (challenging, decodable and high-frequency words).
He covers Hamming, Golay and Reed-Muller codes, binary cyclic and BCH codes, nonbinary BCH codes such as Reed-Solomon codes, binary convolutional codes, modifying and combining codes, soft-decision decoding, iteratively decodable codes, and combining codes and digital modulation.
Direct Instruction, the above mentioned spinoffs, and the newest scripted program on the block, Voyager/Passport (Goode, Vaughn, Kame'enui, Simmons, & Nowakowski, 2005) provide children with a steady diet of decodable text.
Phonics instruction must be reinforced by having the student read decodable text.
A l'interieur d'une scene codee et decodable manifeste
Sentences have to be kept short, yet the writing must sound natural; vocabulary is limited to 900 words or so and should be decodable, but still applicable to the topic; the characters have to be realistic and age-appropriate, but can't offend the teachers who buy the books.
This tale held great fascination for late eighteenth-century British authors and artists and, in Valeria Tinkler-Villani's words, it was an easily decodable narrative because 'the sentimental, the Gothic, and pathetic tragedy all provide ways of approaching this episode', and also because, more specifically, 'Dante's Ugolino has all the features of the Gothic as we have come to know it'.