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This structure property is of great benefit to the practical applications of CPM-QC-LDPC codes [14] in the sense that we can decode based on the submatrix [H (*).sub.0] alone.
With [L.sup.p.sub.[omega]], Berlekamp-Massey algorithm [18] is performed to decode the RS codes.
Other scopes, such as Yokogawa's DLM4000 that simultaneously decode a larger number of buses, can display four lists side by side.
When destination node receives DataNum data packets that are linearly dependent, then it can decode the initial data packet and source node stops sending the DataNum data packets.
Because M is seven letters beyond F in the alphabet, the children had to look seven letters beyond each coded letter to decode a message.
Through its support of major topologies, network devices and more than 550 protocol decodes, Sniffer solutions are comprehensive network troubleshooting and service level management tools for virtually any network.
It offers a powerful range of analysis reports, protocol decodes and expert diagnostics tools to the network administrator, yet is simple to use.
We can decode two symbols simultaneously if the context models of the decoded bin and the current bin are independent.
Observer DICOM Extension decodes and analyzes the interaction procedures for medical/technical equipment which utilize the DICOM standard.
of Exton, Pennsylvania, has designed the DSVerify2D to decode two-dimensional bar codes on identification documents, such as national ID cards, driver's licenses, passports, access control cards, and health cards.
Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) has announced its USBMobile HS, an analyzer in PC-card format that is able to detect, capture, decode, analyze and display all USB speeds (1.5 Mbps, 12 Mbps and 480 Mbps).
The rack reader's dual CCD cameras can decode a 96-place SBS footprint rack in <6 seconds, and its small footprint makes it suited for integrating onto the deck of liquid handling robots.