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DECAPITATION, punishment. The punishment of putting a person to death by taking off his head.

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"Motif privilegie au jardin des supplices: Le mythe de la decollation et le decadentisme".
La tragedie du bios etete, allegorie de la decollation du martyr, prefigure l'engrenage deletere d'une rarefaction de la biodiversite, le trophee pedestre imageant l'avenir de l'homme decorporalise par les dereglements ecosystemiques.
XI med.); in the hymn to St Vincent (178) one could include a number of eleventh-century manuscripts in use at Narni (Umbria) and Benevento (11); in the poem dedicated to the day of St Cecilia (98), a copy of the hymnary of Farfa (12); in that to John the Baptist (137), a number of late tenth- and early eleventh-century copies of the hymnaries of Farfa and Benevento, and, in the eleventh century, that of Saint-Pierre of Moissac (13); the hymn for the day of the decollation of John the Baptist (138) was also used at Saint-Pierre of Moissac (14).