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Hence, in the light of these observations FunGramKB has formulated the notion of CLS, a semantic syntax-motivated formalism that is more robust than semantic decompositional approaches such as those described above.
The idea is that in order to specify the gradual discrepancy as well as the changeable and fixed semantic features of the members of a category, the decompositional analysis of the syntactic and semantic properties of the linguistic phenomenon is needed.
Taphonomic studies under various environmental conditions provide crucial information on the rate and nature of decompositional processes and how they are influenced by variables such as temperature, sunlight, or precipitation.
The existence of several alternative levels for the interpretation of the peat decompositional boundary might be an indication that this boundary is more transitional than it appears to be in cores.
Danbolt, Capital Structure and its Determinants in the United Kingdom: A Decompositional Analysis, (2000a), mimeo, 2000/2, Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Glasgow, Glasgow.
I suspect that a compositional fallacy is being invoked in order to invoke our intuitions against decompositional analyses.
Haberhauer G, Rafferty B, Strebl F, Gerzabek MH (1998) Comparison of the composition of forest soil litter derived from three different sites at various decompositional stages using FTIR-spectroscopy.
Inner aspect and telicity: The decompositional nature of eventualities at the syntax-semantics interface.
insect activity) decompositional forces that influence preservation, and thus representation, in the archaeological record.
Harvey's interest in generating the decompositional portraits of Myra and Maggie ties the two figures together through questions of (illegal and legal) violence and femininity, demanding a reflection upon our own fantasies in relation to this uncomfortable yet compelling pairing.
In RRG, the Aktionsart distinctions are based in those proposed by Vendler (1967), and the decompositional system is a variant of the one put forward by Dowty (1979).
In contrast to a compositional approach--presenting a series of vaccine attributes one by one for evaluation--we used a decompositional approach (Green and Srinivasan 1978; Hay 2002) by presenting participants with composite HIV vaccine scenarios.