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To prove the suggestion, additional calibration of the GPR data against decompositional types of peat combined with saturation is needed.
But if we do hold to a decompositional view of perception, then we can separate the content of a perceptual state from its cause.
If he was aware that his exploitations and robbery of natives resources would bring "sad passions" in the natives, structuring his relationships in decompositional ways, Kurtz would not have run a colonial enterprise in Congo.
Danbolt, 2000, "Capital Structure and Its Determinants in the United Kingdom: A Decompositional Analysis," Working Paper, University of Glasgow, mimeo.
2002: Capital structure and its determinants in the UK--A decompositional analysis.
The many additional parameters introduced to estimate weights of the self-explicated attribute data probably led to higher correlation between the compositional data and the decompositional part of the model.
The first section measured consumer likelihood of purchasing No Sweat garments using a decompositional conjoint task.
Integrating compositional and decompositional analyses to represent the intervening role of perceptions in evaluative judgements.
I try to show how this fairly typical project has been both culturally diverted through the partial metaphorisation of its means of production and driven by Develop-Man, attempting to establish the integrity of private property against the decompositional powers of 'the gift'.