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The JSF decontamination system is composed of an air beam shelter (with an incorporated CB containment liner structure) and an integrated decontaminant delivery system, providing hot air decontamination and biothermal decontamination capabilities for decontaminating CB agents, respectively.
A means separation test indicated that the first application of a decontaminant on Day 2 of the experiment did not result in significant detoxification.
As a mid-life improvement Britain acquired a small number of Direct Application Decontamination Systems (Dads) from Karcher in 2002 which dispenses the company's TDE 202 decontaminant.
has developed a new test method that will allow military and medical communities to better assess the performance of decontaminants.
The powerful disinfectant was sanctioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an effective decontaminant against anthrax, and Health Canada has approved its use to combat outbreaks of the Norwalk virus.
However, one laboratory used a common flask for dispensing decontaminant reagent and phosphate buffer rather than an individual tube or pipette for each specimen.
has introduced SaniZide Plus[TM], a one-step, ready-to-use hospital-grade disinfectant, decontaminant, cleaner and deodorizer.
is a world class supplier of ozone technology which can offer both custom designed and standard ozone products that utilize the capability of ozone as a powerful decontaminant and which has an ability to reduce taste and odour problems in drinking water supplies.
The contracting authority intends to purchase for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic the following chemicals - Filling with heating AOS AOS -NO manual filling,- Decontaminant solution OR3,- Filling KILL AOS AOS -ND hand filling,- Universal disinfecting set UOS -1M,- Dose chemicals OG 2000- Decontamination and KILL mixture ODS-5,- Decontamination agent - powder,- Decontamination reagent 75 ml spray.
The Soldiers who were manning the FSDS spray bars and deck guns launched into action and methodically emplaced the decontaminant on the contaminated area of the container yard.
It is a liquid skin decontaminant that breaks down chemical agents such as sarin or VX in seconds, leaving a non-toxic liquid that can be washed away with water, O'Dell said.
Trademark Medical has introduced INSTASAN, a surgical disinfectant, decontaminant and cleaner - all in one.