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** Decontaminate hands after contact with a residents intact skin (e.g., when taking a pulse or blood pressure or repositioning a resident).
Each of our civilian and military terminal members wore chemical suits, boots, gloves and a gas mask as they labored to decontaminate the simulated chemical agents on Pier 8.
These cleaning solutions can be used to both decontaminate and clean surgical instruments and rigid sealed containers.
But if we are going to truly contain and rid ourselves of this bacterial nuisance, we must do everything we can to decontaminate any and every enclosed area that was potentially exposed to these deadly spores.
UK -- In 1991, Jacksonville State University health physicist Doug Rokke was part of a US Army team sent to the Persian Gulf to help decontaminate 120 US soldiers exposed to weapons made from depleted uranium (DU).
Last night scientific expert Dr John Large said: "Any new development would require spending of many millions of pounds to decontaminate the site - if it was ever possible to decontaminate it fully.
John Todd's Living Machine Technology (the utilization of plants, microbes and other living things to decontaminate water) into daily operations, management and engineering practices.
Finding a methodology to safely and effectively decontaminate odorant-contaminated equipment has caused many companies to simply cap the equipment and put it in storage.
As noted, 12 people died in the attack, and 5.500 were injured before Japanese authorities could evacuate and decontaminate the subway.
The minced root has another use: as a decontaminate of industrial waste water, according to a recent study at Pennsylvania State University that has received a S450,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.
At the height of the Cold War, in 1961, the Army launched a $250 million series of radiation tests at what was then Camp McCoy The Army wanted to learn how to decontaminate its facilities should a war occur.