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Two casualties suffered from the effects of inhaling the gas and were decontaminated at the scene and given oxygen before being taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital.
The decontaminated soil could be used in a number of land-based applications, such as upland remediation and landscaping.
TEPCO has said that about 1,850 tonnes of radioactive water had been recycled so far, adding that it would continue to inject 16 tonnes of water every hour into reactors 1, 2, and 3, and that 13 tonnes of this would be decontaminated water.
Officers, residents of the house and three youths had to be decontaminated after the attack.
The British biotech-bashing Genetic Engineering Network, which gleefully claims that "over 80 [European biotech crop] trial sites have been decontaminated over the last two years," sent me a detailed list of 46 sites destroyed between January and mid-August.
However, to avoid recontaminating the pond, the ground nearby must be decontaminated at the same time.
Thus decontaminated soil would become environmentally acceptable.
As per Chinda, the affected farm had been quarantined and decontaminated, still integrated that no human being was infected by the influenza.
1-3 reactors by using water that has already been decontaminated.
Industrial equipment was decontaminated and removed.
The device reduces, in an enclosed environment, the entire instrument to small, decontaminated particles, which can be disposed of as conventional trash.
It remains today 7 cooling systems in the market area Halogaland (Harstad Evenes municipalities) where existing facilities must either decontaminated, re-established or converted to the new refrigerant.