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When quizzed on the time it takes for Brits to decorate a room, respondents cite it takes on average 9.
The contestants were required to work together to decorate a cupcake with a rainbow and a pot of gold.
How to frost and decorate each of the three cupcake characters in the challenge: the Frankie Fish, Ravenous Rose, and the Charlie Chipmunk.
Patented Acrobot can decorate round and nonround parts up to 360[degrees].
Besides using leaves to decorate in similar ways to dried flowers, above, one can glue them to door wreaths.
1 billion industry, according to Unity Marketing, and despite the current anti-clutter trend, the desire to decorate for the holidays continues to grow.
00 on my design book is a lot less money than it would cost to hire me to decorate your home
They build and decorate elaborate "bachelor pads," called bowers, solely as places to entertain female bower birds.
Send a snapshot or drawing of your eggstra special creation along with a 100-word essay on the unique, creative ways you decorate to The Most Beautiful Easter Egg Contest, PAAS, 1 Park Street, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 by May 1.
First, letting your creative "egg"xpertise shine, decorate an Easter egg and take a photo of it.
The Clockwork Style Junkie (27 per cent) - Decorate 'as regular as clockwork' although it is something they regard as a hobby rather than a chore.
But let me also say that I always decorate for Christmas.