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Benedict, but instead always engaged, very decorously, in pleasurable and honest activities.
He grasped the bottom of her stays fore and aft as instructed, sorely tempted to put his hands elsewhere, whirled her high into the air and decorously set her down with no more than a stray finger out of place.
At Aragorn's coronation, Faramir plays the same role as Orfeo's steward, although more decorously, in welcoming the King back to his Kingdom, and is confirmed in his inheritance of the Stewardship, along with his heirs.
The final work reproduced in Confrontation is "Ocular" (2010), another painting which depicts the mutilation of the body (even if the subject is decorously, even daintily dressed) and the way the boundaries of the body are destroyed, releasing the horrors within.
Shame serves to discriminate between, and reproduce, structural orders of relatedness and unrelatedness, and is employed decorously to guard against improper claims to belonging and identity.
106-7)--may accuse them of a lapse in the courtier's duty always to conform his speech decorously to his hearer's wishes.
Stevens decorously spends pages praising Burger's stewardship of the Court's heritage by commissioning just the right painting and so forth.
Paris wrote, "The first Savannah Girl Scout troop left on a camping vacation decorously dressed in skirts.
Vera Brittain and George Gordon Catlin had two children, both decorously within wedlock.
Again, "the Eliot character feels that he needs sympathy from others whom he cannot reach and who cannot decorously reach him.