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Will this popular English TV personality and model get her kit off, as the Brits so decorously describe it, during the course of the play?
They want people to fall into line, behave decorously, even wimpishly, to "do" things in the time-honoured manner, even if they have HRH in their title.
If all these elements are also present in Sorby's more decorously staged poems, it is perhaps the dramatic quality, the multiple voices to which the poems give themselves, that distinguishes Moss' ear.
Mazzocchi has always made it clear that he regards social issues as poison to the embryo party, and the draft language on this issue decorously avoided any mention of the dreaded A-word.
The more enigmatic "Last Supper" paintings join forces with his decorously colored "Skull" series and the mysterious "Shadow" canvases, and move well beyond camp to take up the Big Subjects.
His offerings could have been taken as an interesting first draft, while his friends urged him to try something more strenuous, and his publisher counseled, decorously, that he let the matter ripen for a while.
Des is even allowed to flirt decorously with Melanie Sykes, his much younger co-presenter, and, of course he's going to be a father although he'll never see 70 again.
Ankles decorously crossed in a most unchildlike fashion, he tips his head back against his mother's restraining hand, so far back, in fact, that the two faces seem to fuse into an embodiment of opposition, framed by the arcs of the veil and the child's arms.
USUALLY artists'impressions of new city centre constructions decorously include figures of nice, sensible-looking people going ab out their business carrying brollies and bowler hats .
Models dressed like birds of paradise lounged decorously on velvet settees at Italian designer Emanuel Ungaro's autumn-winter haute couture show, evoking a bygone era of hedonism and leisure.
All three golfers are dressed impeccably in suits and ties, and even the members of the gallery, however dire their financial situations, are decorously accoutered.