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DECOY. A pond used for the breeding and maintenance of water-fowl. 11 Mod. 74, 130; S. C. 3 Salk. 9; Holt, 14 11 East, 571.

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But you can have fun decoying, and fill tags with good bucks in the process, if you follow a few simple rules.
Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to travel with Gary Clancy, an expert in decoying deer.
Schell has a different take on decoying, and it results from the aspen and sagebrush environment he hunts.
The most effective decoying period will likely be during the seeking phase just prior to the peak of the rut.
Therefore, I'm confident in saying; when that first buck strolls into bow range, posturing, hair bristled and ears laid back, you'll be wishing you had tried decoying long ago!
Rather than decoying ducks, I got an instant landfill.
Veteran turkey hunters emphasize that calling and decoying work side by side in their game plans, but by no means do you have to be any kind of master caller to generate the kind of action you're seeking.
Dropping the decoy at such a delicate moment is, as you might imagine, a decoying no-no.
With all the success I have had in the past with decoying turkeys, I decided to take my decoying to the next level.
Ironically, I have found that most of the decoying mallards come up the diver line just like bluebills and redheads.
If decoying waterfowl on dry land is a new experience, it may make you feel like something of a duck out of water yourself at first.