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DECOY. A pond used for the breeding and maintenance of water-fowl. 11 Mod. 74, 130; S. C. 3 Salk. 9; Holt, 14 11 East, 571.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Before Prokopy sought ARS collaboration, his decoys were red wooden spheres coated with a captivating sticky substance.
It could carry decoys in the compartment and on the semi-round decks.
Speaking about it, lead author Anne-Laure Papa said, aACoeThe reversibility and immediate onset of action are major advantages of our platelet decoys, and we envision them to be useful in hospital-based situations."
"During early season, we like to use two to three dozen decoys as we try and match the spreads of ducks we have been seeing as we scout," says Tussey.
As for whether you should use a buck or a doe decoy, most times I recommend you use both together, which again means you would have to buy two decoys, but I don't think you will regret it.
From the earliest days of hunting and fishing, hunters have tried to lure waterfowl into range of their nets and weapons with decoys made of rush, reed, or wood.
At first, the decoys built were to be used in daylight raids but when the Luftwaffe turned to night time raids, the decoy sites had to become even more sophisticated.
A maker of duck decoys has applied for a patent on a plastic cellular structure technology that allows dramatic density reductions in large injection molded polyolefin parts, using a standard press and without affecting the part's surface or structural integrity.
Arthur establishes the model of decoy and vertical-S maneuver and obtains the best defensive strategy that the aircraft deploys decoys and performs vertical-S maneuver simultaneously [4].
So will Ward, who won't hesitate to pull the decoys early so he can spend a few hours poking around for hidden spots.