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Residential property prices in Abu Dhabi rental market decreased by 0.
Decreased software licensing costs and simplified software asset management by reducing the number of software licenses required.
Mixing--During mixing of the sand, resin and additives, several factors can result in decreased benchlife.
The prevalence of extreme attitudes toward people with AIDS decreased significantly throughout the decade: Some 29-34% of respondents endorsed the segregation or public naming of people with AIDS in 1991, whereas 12-16% did so in 1999.
The average sale decreased from $12,975,833 to $5,183,333.
Although payments for certain "high-priced" procedural services would be decreased by the new fee schedule, RBRVS itself includes no mechanism for containment of the quality of services lrovided or for direct control of total expenditures.
In vivo, DEHP (2 g/kg) causes decreased serum estradiol levels, prolonged estrous cycles, and no ovulations in adult, cycling rats.
The MBA seasonally adjusted purchase index decreased from 313.