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Our findings demonstrated that GLCCI1 deficiency in asthmatic mice inhibits the activation of GR and MKP-1 and leads to more obvious phosphorylation of p38 MAPK, leading to a decremental sensitivity to GCs.
In Decremental mechanism, Set of the best features starts full with all features.
Jaser, "A decremental stochastic fractal differential evolution for global numerical optimization," Information Sciences, vol.
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Decremental physiology of the fast pathway is favored by gradual PR prolongation until block occurs in the fast pathway and conduction proceeds down a slow AV nodal pathway.
The ventricular pacing protocol was briefly as follows: decremental ventricular pacing beginning at a cycle length that was 100 ms faster than the sinus rate and continuing until VA block was achieved followed by ventricular extra-stimulus pacing at 600 ms and 400 ms drive trains.
Secondary endpoints were 24 h mean blood glucose (MBG), the standard deviation of the MBG (SDBG), number of glycemic excursion (NGE), the percentage time duration (%) of hyperglycemia (glucose > 10.0 mmol/L) and hypoglycemia (glucose < 3.9 mmol/L), the incremental area under curve (AUC) of blood glucose above 10.0 mmol/L, the decremental area over the curve (AOC) of blood glucose below 3.9 mmol/L, and hypoglycemia episodes and the effect of different interventions on insulin dose and [beta]-cell function in these patients, between the two groups.
It is known that the left and right cardiac motor fibers of the vagus nerve innervate the heart asymmetrically, with fibers originating from the left vagus nerve supplying the atrioventricular node (causing decremental conduction) and those from the right vagus nerve innervating the sinoatrial node (reducing depolarization rates and producing bradycardia) [72-74].
Si un costo diferencial se incrementa, lo mas apropiado seria llamarlo costo incremental; en cambio, si decrece, deberia llamarse costo decremental (Mallo et al., 2000).
Memristor exhibits decremental characteristics if [Y.sub.1] terminal voltage becomes higher than [Y.sub.2] terminal voltage.
Electromyography/nerve conduction study (EMG/NCS) was not performed due to the instability of the 1st patient, but the rapid nerve stimulation test and EMG/NCS in the 2nd patient did not show any abnormality or any decremental response.
(1983) "Incremental budgeting in a decremental age", Policy Sciences, 16(1):1-25.