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We applied eight pulses to the incremental and decremental terminals of memristor emulator respectively.
In Table 3, the computational complexity of decremental JTRAS mainly depends on complex addition/multiplication and matrix inversion in [J.
In this perspective, decremental deprivation increases the difference in power resources between actors.
Does the 40 % decrement in yields when using pictures as the C and E stimuli reflect endpoints of a continuously graded function or a step-like decremental function between C and E?
With decremental spending, there is rarely an obvious reduction of strategic ends to guide the reduction in means.
Ventricular pacing maneuvers demonstrated concentric and decremental conduction.
Environmental air pollution has decremental effects on pulmonary function test parameters up to one week after exposure.
The budget requests are structured into decision packages that have an incremental or decremental effect on the baseline budget amounts.
Hence, complex problem-solving situations often change decremental or worsen, forcing a problem solver to act immediately, under considerable time pressure.
Allen Schick, Incremental Budgeting in a Decremental Age, 16
The following criteria were established to set the number of factors to be extracted in the exploratory factor analysis: eigenvalues greater than 1, comparison of the percentages of variance linked to each eigenvalue, and analysis of the decremental pattern in the scree plot.