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Another illustration in the VATEP appendix even shows a decrement value attached to receiving a "low" risk.
sup][12] Varying degrees of decrements in response to RNS were found in the affected family members in our study, especially in response to high-frequency stimulation, which indicated that high-frequency RNS is a more sensitive indicator than low-frequency RNS for this disease.
The main finding of the present study was that men achieved higher total work, utilization of anaerobic reserve (peak and mean power--above MAP), [La] peak and power decrement, concomitantly with lower values of [VO.
Exposure to traffic related Air pollution is found to increase human respiratory and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity[3,4], reciprocated in the decrement in the lung function[5].
It has been proposed that this force output decrement after muscle stretching is underpinned by mechanical, physiological, and neurological mechanisms (6,7,11).
Use of the macrolide antibiotic was associated with a significantly greater incidence of hearing decrement, although the overall rate was low and tended to reverse when the drug was stopped, Dr.
Obtained decrements of all desired modes are presented in Table 3, where damping decrements of another glider--LAK-17A are presented for comparison too.
Vibration damping of composite ligno-cellulose plates is the phenomenon that occurs as a result of sound losses of sound energy dissipated in the material being an interdependent phenomenon of internal friction (expressed as logarithmic decrement of vibrations damping), the contributions of constituents, their combination of architecture and the stages between phases (Alamoreanu, 2005).
In many instances, the decrement will result in higher taxable income to the taxpayer.
They describe hard and soft excitations in transitions, converting propellant to combustion products, testing at various stages of combustor development, and studying acoustics in combustion chamber stability, natural disturbances, artificial pressure disturbances, injector head elements, pressure oscillation decrements, pulsing liquid-liquid chambers, and gas-liquid chambers.
Similarly, in ASPD patients, previous P300 ERP studies have revealed decrements in frontal brain structure and function.
Decrements on vigilance tasks are also attenuated if the vigilance task is strongly integrated in a complex task environment (Alluisi & Morgan, 1982).