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Depression, chronic diseases, and decrements in health: results from the World Health Surveys.
The graphs in Figure 2 show the number of decrements due to death and surrender ("Death ([d.
The vibration damping was assessed by determining the logarithmic decrement according to relationship of calculation (1).
Decrements in functioning may be the result of decrements in intrinsic capacity or problems with body functions or structures; or they can result from features of the person's physical, human-built or social environment that lead to problems in performance over and above decrements in capacity.
The log decrement [delta], which is the rate of decay of vibration, is related to the damping ratio (Richart et al.
Likewise, a decrement in that domain's hope level would be likely to reduce global hope.
Decrements should be reasonable based on the dollar range of the item.
In the no-rest group, decrements in reaction time and psychomotor vigilance were noted, as well as twice as many micro-events (brief sleep events, or "head nods") compared with the rest group.
This view is confirmed by the observation that the individual decrements of the (3-CTx concentrations in serum were inversely correlated to the amplitude of the calcemic increase (r = -0.
This report suggests that Gulf War veterans may be experiencing decrements in functional health and psychological-related problems, as well as environmental variables.
A separate repeated-measures ANOVA was also used to compare expected intoxication rating and performance decrements at peak alcohol conditions.