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In the face of hunger, the great leveler, he was as the old, the toothless, and the decrepit.
To give her pleasure Razumihin told her how Raskolnikov had looked after the poor student and his decrepit father and how a year ago he had been burnt and injured in rescuing two little children from a fire.
with chiccory leaves and vermicelli, and all the warts, and all the fungi, which disfigure that decrepit, toothless, and coquettish old architecture.
I have escaped death in a dozen forms to follow Matai Shang and overtake him, and I do not intend to be led, like a decrepit thoat to the slaughter, from the goal that I have won by the prowess of my sword arm and the might of my muscles.
Moret was in those days an old-fashioned town of one street at the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau, and the Ecu d'Or was a hotel which still had about it the decrepit air of the Ancien Regime.
He remembered the days when some of the old men, still alive, had been born; and, unlike him, they were now decrepit, shaken with palsy, blear-eyed, toothless of mouth, deaf of ear, or paralysed.
His gaunt face, however, and his clothes, which hung so baggily over his shrivelled limbs, proclaimed what it was that gave him that senile and decrepit appearance.
Officials informed while talking to a private news channel the building was very old and decrepit while Sindh Building Control Authority had also declared it dangerous, however people had still been residing in for several years.
Taccad said the Navy today was a far cry from the old, decrepit Navy that we once were.
Laying low in a decrepit cottage on the edge of England, he is soon dragged back to London by an alarming piece of news.
There's slapstick buffoonery, unconvincing peril and mild grumbling as the decrepit duo are tempted by soft beds, pretty ladies and motorised transport.
There were times, in my old life, when I would be trying on something surrounded by these decrepit old fairgroundesque, House of Fun fat mirrors, which show off every inch of flab and cellulite.