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I immediately received a number of letters from readers who quoted Uns bin Malik as referring to the Prophet's Hadith in which he criticizes laziness, cowardice, and decrepitude.
But I'm on my way back to my usual state of less-than-100% decrepitude.
Have we really reached a state of such moral decrepitude that the only way we can get back at a brutal and unstable regime is to encourage pawns to sell memoirs that suit the Government's cause while others who have more sinister stories to tell are frustrated at every turn?
This unflinching characterization of Billie Holiday showcased Corbin, who danced the flirtations and decrepitude (including a regrettably literal drug stupor) with equal commitment.
Inside this gilded mega-cage, the emperor (Chow Yun Fat) is slowly poisoning the empress (Gong) -- not to death, but into a state of mental decrepitude.
I agree with Vissers' discernment of the Bryden years as a healthful, productive era in our post-1925 history, but the subsequent decades as a slide into denominational decrepitude and spiritual retrogression.
If we lose the war against radical Islam, it won't just be because of the West's moral decrepitude, but also because too many of us will not realize that there is even a war going on and that we have been volunteered as lambs to the slaughter by what Lenin so aptly termed the "useful fools" like Peachey.
We read cynical undertones in "for freedom and democracy," and, as a result, think we can read the whole book as a comprehensive cultural critique, commenting on the moral decrepitude of situation X, philosophy Y, and social entity Z.
The dining room, scarcely adequate for a party of eight, makes that point by the provision of only six chairs, in the Victorian style, but clearly reproductions and all in a state of decrepitude.
These stories, and many others like them, are related in "Mental Decrepitude on the U.
He sees the Catholic Church as falling down into decrepitude.
The state schools are represented as ignoble halls of decrepitude, 'value-neutral' havens barren of Nativity performances.