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I know it's a sign of impending decrepitude when nostalgia starts to become personal rather than something people older than yourself are interested in, but Motown now soothes This Old Heart of Mine like Sunshine on a Cloudy Day.
His book International Territory: The United Nations 1945-1995 (also the title of a series of photographs dated 1989-1993) documents the effects of the passage of time on this architecture, showing, with clinical exactitude, the entropic decrepitude of the building's physical spaces as much as the waning of the ideology its form was meant to represent.
And it was a moment when Judy's decrepitude added an edge to her performance; it hadn't quite taken oven
I couldn't possibly say except that a very disappointed Stud and yours truly wasted no time in supping up and following the other One Pint Charlies out the door to find somewhere which would restore our faith in a city that should be making the best of its prime assets, and not allowing them to fall into decrepitude.
It helps to dispel the illusion of decrepitude in middle age which many younger people maintain.
We've suffered life's crises from O-levels onwards and so for us the big Four Oh-My-God landmark birthday just doesn't exist as the over-the-hill freefall into decrepitude.
No greater sign of advancing ageness and decrepitude than a gradual likening for the Country and Western.
But after his last film, the woeful Brideshead Revisited, and now this, I'm starting to suspect we may all be in a state of advanced decrepitude by the time he's actually up and come.
One player admitted they were in an "advanced state of exhaustion and decrepitude".
Disapproving of loud music in bars is another sign of decrepitude.
Like Ballen--and, indeed, like Goldin--Mannikko is drawn to decrepitude, even squalor, although his classicizing compositions can emphatically structure any disorder that his camera witnesses.
Our town and s uburban shopping areas are being rendered into a state of Third World decrepitude. Neither need I look any further than myself for their success.